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RNTNE Wayfinding and Signage Redesign

For my Final Masters Project I decided to look at how I could improve signage and wayfinding to reduce anxiety and enable greater self-sufficiency for disabled users, and therefore all users. Drawing on academic research, including urban designer Kevin Lynch's 'elements' of wayfinding, semiotics, universal design and typography, I developed a method to analyse wayfinding in public spaces for various disabled users from those in a wheelchair to visually impaired and autistic users. 


Using my methodology, I analysed various public spaces including a hospital site, where visually impaired and disabled users would frequently visit. I noticed that a lot of the hospital signage was not aligned to the NHS wayfinding standards and signs had not been placed with consideration of effective wayfinding for all users. 

While there have been some fantastic and creative wayfinding designs developed for hospitals, many have been for Children's Hospitals and wards and not for adults of varying abilities. As a result, I decided to develop a creative, more mature and calming wayfinding design with a heavy focus on consistency and universal design. I put my wayfinding design to the test throughout using my method for analysing public wayfinding, looking in detail at landmarks, nodes, using Photoshop to emulate visual impairments. Where a user may not be able to use a certain structure of my wayfinding design, for example each floor used a different colour but a colourblind individual may not respond to this, I also classified the wards into nature based themes and used imagery to future establish and cement meaning.

I also developed a prototype for an app which would guide a visually impaired user through a hospital using iBeacons (very clever tech!), in the effort to support self-sufficiency for these users. The app could also be used to direct wheelchair users along wheelchair friendly routes.

Full wayfinding guidelines also accompanied this project and can be reviewed if you wish!

Check out the video for a 10 minute rundown of my project!